KUSANAGI for SoftLayer hands-on workshop seminar

We will be conducting a hands-on workshop seminar for KUSANAGI for SoftLayer in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

Participants will receive 500 dollars worth in coupons that you can use on IBM’s cloud service SoftLayer!
And we will hold a rock-scissors-paper raffle event to win books about WordPress and SoftLayer!

The events are as follows:

Nagoya 10/26 (Mon)
Tokyo 11/5 (Thu)
Osaka 11/26 (Thu)
Tokyo 12/3 (Thu)
Tokyo 12/15 (Tue)

Don’t miss this opportunity to try your hands on one of the world’s largest cloud services, IBM SoftLayer.

Please see this page for event hall and schedule details (Japanese).

Look forward to it.