SNS for High Schoolers Sakura Circle

Installation was simple and the performance boost was immediate

Alice in Cyberland Inc. President Haruki Igarashi

Alice in Cyberland Inc.
Haruki Igarashi

We opted for the lowest spec rental server for Sakura Circle. But from day one, whenever our access hit 100, the site could not connect to the server, and we new we had to change servers as soon as possible. Since Sakura Circle is an SNS, page caching is not an option, so we chose to use KUSANAGI to improve speeds for free a week late. As soon as we installed it, site
performance immediately improved.

Why did you choose KUSANAGI?

We knew about KUSANAGI’s ability to speed up performance without using page caching, and since Sakura Circle is an SNS, we couldn’t use page caching. Our reason for using a low spec server on Sakura Cloud was costs. And now that we are developing a mobile app that is already based on WordPress, we needed an environment where the app could work at the speed it needed.

Can you tell us about Sakura Circle?

fig-02Sakura Circle is a social media site where high school students around the country can interact healthily, with features such as groups, identity verification, and a bullying report system. Users can freely exchange support and information about club activities, hobbies, studying, and finding work, while learning about proper internet manners. If you are a high school student, you can join Sakura Circle. We also have many specialized advisers available to support the students. For more details please visit the website.

Was it difficult to use BuddyPress with KUSANAGI?

We were able to use BuddyPress’ SNS features on the standard WordPress environment. The move to KUSANAGI itself was extremely easy. After it was installed, we asked Prime Strategy to help us set up HTTP/2 access. Their explanation was very easy to understand.

How much faster is your site with KUSANAGI?

Before KUSANAGI, the most users who could access the site was around 100, but now we have no issues even with 500. Since we have been promoting the site using LINE and Twitter, we have heavy traffic times, but the site is holding steady with 1 million page views a month.

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