WordPress Install

WordPress Install

Access the virtual machine from your browser and start the installation of WordPress.

1. Start installation of WordPress

Access the URL set in WordPress provisioning.

The welcome page of WordPress will appear.

* If you chose “en_US” in WordPress Provisioning the following will display.
Choose the installation language of WordPress.

Click “Let’s go!”.


“Welcome to WordPress” screen

2. Set up database connection


Screen for entering your database details

The following screen will display for you to enter your database connection details.

  1. Enter the following.
    Database Name: the database name set up in “Set database name”
    User Name: the user name set up in “Set database user name”
    Password: the password set up in “Set database user password”

    * Do not change the database host name or table prefix.

  2. Click the Submit button.

3. Run the install


Run the install

A screen will display saying “You’ve made it through this part of the installation”.

Click “Run the install” button.

4. Enter required information

You will need to enter the basic information about the WordPress site and administrator.


Install WordPress

  1. Enter the following.
    Site Title: A title for your website
    Username: WordPress administrative username
    Password: A password for logging into WordPress dashboard
    Your E-mail: for receiving notifications from WordPress
    Search Engine Visibility: Allow search engines to index this site or not
  2. After entering all the information, click “Install WordPress”.

5. Successful installation


“Success!” screen

A screen will appear showing “Success!”.

6. Login to the dashboard


7. Confirm front page

Make sure the front page displays.
The installation of WordPress is completed.

Please read the documentation pages for details about KUSANAGI commands. Also check out the FAQ.